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Welcome to Healthy Start


Healthy Start is designed to serve children, youth, their family members, and the community.  The program provides comprehensive school-integrated services and activities to meet the desired results identified in the areas of:

By Coordinating integrated service delivery linking children and families to needed support and services, Healthy Starts are designed to

  • Ensure that each child recieves the physical, emotional, and intellectual support needed.
  • Build the capacity of students and parents to be participants, leaders, and decision makers in their communities.
  • Help schools, other child, and family-serving agencies integrate their programs to provide more effective support to children and their families.
Healthy Start Coordinators and Navigators are Certified Enrollment Counselors who assist all families apply for health insurance coverage. If you would like assistance enrolling in healthcare coverage please call us at 1-866-742-2273 or view our calendar on the left to find an enrollment event near you.

Healthy Start Office
333 S. Beaudry Ave, FL 29
Los Angeles, CA 90017
213-241-4293 Phone
213-241-6888 Fax 

William Celestine 
Healthy Start/CHAMP Specialist
213-241-0459 Phone
213-241-6888 Fax


Sylvia Corral

Healthy Start Specialist

213-241-8645 Phone

213-241-6888 Fax


Healthy Start Facts (2016-2017 School Year)
Healthy Start is now structured into 16 teams comprised of one Student Support Services Program Coordinator and several Student and Family Resources Navigators.  
Types of Schools 
EEC - 1
Elem Schools - 66
Middle Schools - 23
High Schools - 28
SPAN Schools - 3
TOTAL - 121 
Number of  Sites by Educational Service Center (ESC) 
NORTH - 27
SOUTH - 25
EAST - 24
WEST - 18
ISIC - 27 
TOTAL - 121
Updated: 01/23/2015 DR