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The mission of the Accounts Payable Branch is to support the student education process by providing accurate and timely payments with exceptional customer service.




Marilyn C. Guerrero, Director
Tel:    (213) 241-4800

Shopping Cart/Goods Receipt Support Center

Local District North East
Email: SCSCnortheast@lausd.net
Phone: (562) 654-9476
Local District North West
Email: SCSCnorthwest@lausd.net
Phone: (562) 654-9449
Local District East
Email: SCSCeast@lausd.net
Phone: (562) 654-9467
Local District South
Email: SCSCsouth@lausd.net
Phone: (562) 654-9472
Local District West
Email: SCSCwest@lausd.net
Phone: (562) 654-9444
Local District Central
Email: SCSCcentral@lausd.net
Phone: (562) 654-9430
All Other Schools and Offices
Email: cs.stores@lausd.net
Phone: (562) 654-9009 

333 S. Beaudry Ave., 27th Fl., Los Angeles, CA 90017 | T: (213) 241-4800 | F: (213) 241-8913 | accounts-payable@lausd.net


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