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Meet the MiSiS Team


Over 100 people are responsible for building and maintaining the fully-integrated information system the District needs to support our students effectively. Meet some of our very capable leaders who are playing major roles in driving this important change.


Richard Alvarez

Director-Organizational Change Management 

Richard is a secondary educator with experience using innovative technology-based instructional practices.


Youssef Elias

Pod Leader - Grade Book

Youssef brings over 18 years of experience as a K-12 educator, technology and data coordinator, and administrator in LAUSD.


Jeanette Borden

Pod Leader - Charter School

Jeanette is an experienced educator with experience in policy development and community relations.


Robert Pelayo

MiSiS Support Manager

Robert is a former elementary teacher. He collaborates with policy owners and system users to identify, prioritize, and implement technical solutions the MiSiS application can offer. 


Diane H. Pappas

CEO of Project Management and Digital Innovation


With 20 years of experience in leadership, management, and expertise in general and special education law, Ms. Pappas provides oversight of all major initiatives in LAUSD including the MiSiS recovery effort.



Mary Lu Camacho

Pod Leader - Master Scheduling

Mary Lu is an experienced educator, counselor, and administrator with knowledge of secondary counseling services.


Marlon Shears

Associate Solution Architect

With extensive experience in project management, software design and architecture, Mr. Shears is responsible for MiSiS architecture improvements and stability.


Gary Sabia

Program Manager

An experienced program manager, Mr. Sabia supervises day-to-day activities that promote project success.



 Janis Terada


Shahryar Khazei

Chief Information Officer

As Chief Information Officer for LAUSD, Mr. Khazei has the extensive knowledge of IT infrastructure and Software development, implementation and management needed to ensure successful completion of the MiSiS project.


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Luz Marquez

Pod Leader - Attendance and State Reporting

Luz is experienced as an educator, pupil services and attendance counselor and coordinator with expertise on District policies, procedures, organizational structure, and functioning.


Elizabeth Louros

Team Lead for Enrollment, Programs, Summer School, GATE, and Health

Elizabeth is an experienced educator with a strong background in enrollment processes and gifted and talented program eligibility.


Jennifer Kessler

Director-Organizational Change Management

Jen is a former elementary school principal. She works with the training and help desk groups for MiSiS.


Charlene Leng

MiSiS Development Manager

Charlene is a certified project manager with experience in supply chain and IT project implementation, including student information systems.

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