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The District releases an updated version of MiSiS with software fixes and/or enhancements every 3 weeks. Browse the notes below to learn about all updates released since August 2014.
  • MiSiS Updates - May 24, 2017

    Posted by The MiSiS Team at 5/24/2017

    2017-2018 End of School Year Checklist


    The following items have been fixed or updated in MiSiS:


    • The Name Label Report is now available on the Enrollment Reports menu. Schools may use this report to print labels with students’ names.
    • Secondary schools may now access the Mass Leave Reason screen to enter Leave Codes for 12th graders who will be graduating or not returning for the next school year. Refer to the MiSiS job aid: Mass Leave Reason for more information.
    • If a 12th grade student will be returning next year, schools should enter a Year End Flag for the student.
    • When entering a Student Residence address, fractions can now be entered in the Number field for an address (i.e. 3904 1/2).



    • Secondary School Scheduling Pre-Commit Screens and Report
      • Section Assignments: Section capacity for non-academic courses may be updated to “0”. The Special Day Program Section Attribute has been updated to include values listed in ECAST. The Section Assignments grid will reset when selecting different courses.
      • Scenario Manager: The scenario date title has been updated to the “Last Active Date”. This will update based on the most recent edit of the master schedule.
      • The following reports will generate successfully for all schools, including span schools: the Teacher Section Assignment Report, the Student Request Scheduled Report and the Placement of Special Ed Students Report.
    • Scheduling Post-Commit Screens and Report
      • Walk-In: Dual Language schools will only display students enrolled in the dual language program. The students’ schedule change process has been fixed; elementary scheduling has been updated to restrict scheduling students in a course not equal to the student’s grade level.
      • Sections Editor: The SPED column has been updated to reflect accurate data. The Special Day Program Section Attribute has been updated to include values listed in ECAST.
      • Elementary Reorganization Report: The report will generate successfully for dual language schools.
      • Class Enrollment Report: The report is now accessible to users with the Categorical Program Coordinator role.



    • The Attendance At-A-Glance screen now displays attendance transactions at magnet schools from the preferred location.
    • The Attendance Referral Report now displays the logged-in user's name in the footer. If multiple statuses have been issued for one class, they are now displayed in the Attendance Details portion of the report and the headers are rearranged with a description.
    • The Classroom Attendance Totals by Date Range – Secondary report is now displaying the correct number of instructional days.
    • The School Bus (SB) tardy code will no longer be counted as a tardy on the student's report card.
    • The red asterisks, that appear under the Tile View and Seating Chart, are now cleared on the Teacher’s Roster when attendance is submitted.
    • The Uncleared Absence in-line report located under Attendance > Report Student Profile screen now generates successfully.


    Athletic Eligibility

    • The Official Athletic Team and Tryout groups for the 2017-18 School Year are now available. See job aid, Athletic Eligibility Process, for detailed procedures.
    • The following enhancements have been made to Eligibility Waivers in the Athletics Screen:
      • The role of District Athletic Director now has access to enter, edit, and delete all waivers.
      • Once a waiver has been entered by a District Athletic Director, the Secondary Athletic Director will be able to view the entered waiver, but will not be able to delete it.
      • Secondary Athletic Directors will now be able to enter, edit, and delete waivers only if they were entered at the same school.
    • In the Athletic Eligibility Screen, if a student is in multiple sports in the same school year, the default will be Fall, Winter, or Spring of the current school year, followed by the group name.


    English Learner

    • The RFEP Monitoring Roster has been enhanced to only display students who are currently enrolled with their teacher. If a student moved from one classroom to another within the same term, the student will no longer display on both teachers' rosters.



    • A new report, the UGrades Audit Report, has been deployed and can be accessed via the path Reports>Grades>Grades Audit Report. The report is for Secondary School Administrators and can be generated at the School or student level. It displays any grade changes made to student’s courses within any selected Term and Grading Period.
    • The Secondary Schools Report Card has been updated and no longer includes the ‘Activity’ absences such as Field Trips, Athletic Events, Counseling Office, etc. on the student’s absence counts.
    • The Options School Report Card has been updated to print once, at the end of the report, when the banner page is selected to be printed.
    • The Elementary School Report Card no longer times out when generated for the entire school.
      Note: When generating the Elementary Schools Report Card, deselect the Grade level of TK from the grade level selection parameter to avoid an error.


    Graduation Standards

    • The Graduation Standards report was updated to allow semester credit to be awarded to students who earn a score of 3 or higher on the AP Human Geography Exam.


    Manage Groups

    • A report link icon has been added on the Manage Groups screen to allow schools to run a report on the selected group; the group membership search allows for pasting more than 1,000 student IDs.


    MiSiS Explorer

    • When creating a static group, and using the Advanced Search page, the pagination will be available to add students to the group. New 2017-18 data has been added under Schedule > Fall and Spring 2017-2018 terms, as well as Elementary Subject > Room 2017-2018.
    • Change Course Audit Trail in the Student Profile: Students whose records were modified through the Change Course Assignment Tab, will now reflect the changes in the Student Profile > Transcript > Transcript Audit > View Course Audit.
    • Advanced Search Screen: Students may be added to a group through the Action tab drop-down selection of “Assign Group” using appropriate group dates.


    Student Support

    • The Counselor role now has access to edit SSPT referrals.
    • If school staff have not assigned anyone to receive automatic emails when a referral is submitted, the user who entered the referral, along with the principal, will receive an email notifying them that the school office staff must designate one or more school staff members to receive and respond to the various types of referrals, see job aid: Referral Email Setting.
    • The SSPT Referral Log Report now displays all student with an SSPT referral.


    Summer School

    • A new report is available to assist with the Summer School opening. Schools will be able to generate a Room Finder report that lists students assigned period/room number.
    • The “Move” and “Remove” students button have been enabled for “off-site” students. Schools will now be able to select students that originate from schools other than the host summer school site.
      Note: Currently, a bug exists where certain students are excluded when generating the Summer School Roster Report. In lieu of the Roster report, please use the Summer School Students report which generates a complete set of students and lists requests and assigned sections. The Summer School Course Summary Request can also be used to determine how many students are requesting courses.



    • The Transcript Audit screen has been updated to include more details of any changes made to final grades and courses within the Transcript Screen.
      Note: Currently, a bug exists that when a user clicks on the field and enters text into the field (adding a new transcript record or editing an existing one), the courses listed under the Course Catalog column disappear. Courses must be entered by selecting from the dropdown only. Do not type anything into the field; refresh the screen to reset the course list. The MiSiS Team is working to fix this issue as soon as possible.


    MiSiS Ad Hoc Reporting and Dashboards

    • Decommissioning MiSiS Explorer – MiSiS Explorer will be retired by the end of the 2017 calendar year (December 31st, 2017). MiSiS Ad Hoc Reporting provides all capabilities available in MiSiS Explorer. Current users of MiSiS Explorer are encouraged to take the MiSiS Ad Hoc Reporting Basic Training Class, available for registration in the Learning Zone at http://lausd.schoolwires.net/Page/11879.
    • Local District Reports – Incoming Students Report Now Available – This report can be found by navigating to Dashboards > Local District Reports > Local District Reports in the navigational menu. Click the Incoming Students tab at the top of the screen. This report displays a list of incoming students for middle schools and high schools.
    • Local District Reports – Updates to Students Without Schedules Report – The pivot table in this report now displays a count and percentage of both Students with Schedules and Students Without Schedules. Click the arrow next to a Local District Name to drill down to the campuses in that district. This report can be found by navigating to Dashboards > Local District Reports > Local District Reports > Students Without Schedules.
    • Local District Reports – Updates to Master Scheduling Commit Status Report – A column has been added to this report titled “# of Schools Using Concurrent Term.” This report can be found by navigating to Dashboards > Local District Reports > Local District Reports in the navigational menu. The Master Scheduling tab is selected by default.
    • Summer School Monitoring Reports Now Available – Reports for summer school are now available and can be found by navigating to Dashboards > Local District Reports > Summer School Monitoring Reports. The first report tab is the School Summary, which provides a breakdown of the number of students enrolled in summer school. The second tab is the Course and Teacher Summary, which provides a summary of the courses and teachers available in summer school. The third tab is Enrollments, which provides an Enrollment Roster. Future enhancements will include a prompt for Summer School Program and pivot tables on the Courses and Teachers Summary and Enrollments report.
    • Schools for Advanced Studies Subject Area Now Available – This subject area is now available, providing data for students attending schools that are designated as Schools for Advanced Studies (SAS). This subject area includes student demographics, Enrollment, Programs, and Groups data, as well as data about SAS schools and the students attending them. Student data includes whether they are a Resident at the school, their eligibility criteria (i.e., Participation Criteria), and enrollment Start and End Dates. A subject area guide has been created and can be accessed on the MiSiS Ad Hoc Reporting job aids webpage at http://lausd.schoolwires.net/Page/11833.
    • Date Test Taken Column Now Available in Student Testing Subject Area – A new column has been added to the Student Testing Subject Area. It can be found by navigating to the All Student Tests folder > Date Test Taken. The column provides the date on which the student completed the related test. The Student Testing Subject Area has been updated and can be found on the MiSiS Ad Hoc Reporting job aids webpage at http://lausd.schoolwires.net/Page/11833.
    • SAS Flag Column Now Available in All Subject Areas – A new column has been added all subject areas and can be found by navigating to the Student folder > Program Participation > SAS Flag or by navigating to the Program folder > Program Participation > SAS Flag. This column is a flag indicating whether a student attends classes at a SAS-designated school. The Subject Area Guides have been updated and can be found on the MiSiS Ad Hoc Reporting job aids webpage at http://lausd.schoolwires.net/Page/11833.
    • Student No Show Subject Area No Longer Available – This subject area is no longer available in MiSiS Ad Hoc Reporting. For No Show data, see the Unprocessed No Shows Report on the Norm Day Enrollment Dashboard.
    • Subject Area Descriptions Now Available – To help the user select the appropriate subject area for an analysis, hover text is now available in the tool. To see a subject area description, navigate to New > Analysis in the navigational menu and then hover the mouse over the name of a subject area.
    • Updates to Attendance Bands and Tiers – Attendance Bands and Tiers have been updated to align with the bands and tiers defined by the District. Attendance Bands and Tiers are found in the Attendance folder in the Student Detail Subject Area.



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